July 8, 2012

Travels never blogged: Part 6: Kerteminde, Denmark

Last stop in Denmark was Kerteminde. It's a seaside town. We spent the first day there, the last part of our (almost) two days off, playing volleyball on the beach. Yours truly was sunburned on the right half of her face only. It made for so many great pictures of me. So very many.

There was a statue of a water dragon in town. I only know it was a water dragon because that's what the label told me.
We walked about 2km into the town for class. And here's what we got to see out the window. The building was literally on the edge of the ocean.

It was rough.
The town itself was quite pleasant as well.

And this is what we saw outside the place we stayed:

July 5, 2012

Travels never blogged: Part 5: Odense, Denmark

Part two of the course was in Odense. We did some science-y things at Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark). And then we had a day off. Up to this point, it has mostly been 10-14 hour days of MATLAB and microphones. So hooray for day off.

I wandered around town with my classmates.
There was a market

There was a lovely picnic in the park:

Wooden boats by the park

In case you can't tell, that horse is spraying water out of its nostrils

We went to the zoo. There were manatees eating. Adorable.

This was followed by an Adventure that I unfortunately have no photos of.

July 3, 2012

Travels never blogged: Part 4: Søgaardlejren, Denmark

So on to Denmark! And science! The course was terribly helpful. And taught by just brilliant people. It mostly consisted of 1) Convert ALL the dB to SPL 2) Calibrate ALL the things 3) Look at ALL the harbor porpoises. Just look at them. They are adorable. I flew into Copenhagen. It was lovely. I was there only briefly (overnight on each end). And I spent my brief time there sleeping and finding a laundromat. Note: Laundromat was in red light district--even more depressing at 9AM.
The first part of the class was in Søgaardlejren. It was on a "base" for the Danish equivalent of the National Guard. 

We stayed here:

One of the many paths
We did lots of recordings of bats that were hunting over the lake

I wandered around here

And may I add: Thatched roof!