August 23, 2009

I am a terible blogger

So, a month plus after my return, I am finally going to share lovely photos from Woods Hole and Boston.
In Boston I got to see Becky! And we wandered about Boston and Cambridge. It was a nice long wander with lovely conversation. Below is one of the public gardens in Boston. Apparently you can rent a plot for a few dollars a year.

Now on to the science! There were 5 of us in one (rather small) lab. Which wasn't terrible, there were only scheduling issues. But the people we shared the lab with were great. And they were awfully informative about a lot. They've been in science, collectively, at least 100 years. So, yes, education was forwarded. And the large square gray building is where the lab was.

And now the best part: This is (approximately) the view from our lab window. How jealous are you now?

Here's the small beach across the street from the lab. There's a really nice dock that I read on too.