April 30, 2009


It appears that lot of ideas/ideals/values that I hold come into conflict more often than I wish they would. Example: I both value free speech and abhor exploitation of people. So when it comes to, say, pornography, what do I do? Less seriously: I believe that there is great value in a broad base of education, possibly to the point of the classical liberal arts education. But when I had to take those classes, it was rather annoying. Important, but annoying.
Gosh, it's hard for those of us who aren't ideologues.


April 27, 2009


I am continually astounded by just how tasteless certain subsets of the population are. And yet, somehow, not surprised.

April 10, 2009


A few thoughts as the weekend (Holy Weekend) begins:
1) Grad Pub is kind of silly. Sitting outside with friends is lovely. Especially when you end up sitting on the curb with cheap beer and free tortilla-wrapped food-things.
2) I am making some kind of dessert thing for Easter with Roommate's family. As of now I'm not quite sure what exactly it will be. Suggestions welcome
3) Sara Watkins = Spectacular
4) I would like my thunderstorm now. I've been watching forecasts on AccuWeather and NOAA all day and the radar too. It'll probably be just rain though. . . like it's been all spring.
5) We got an air filter to take care of the downstairs neighbor's smoke that sometimes infiltrates our apartment. I might love that air filter more than is reasonable.
6) Holy Week services are always really lovely.