March 10, 2010


In an effort to avoid studying for my midterm (yes, it's tomorrow, and, yes, I'm avoiding studying right now), I decided to look at my recommendations from netflix. It tells my that I like "visually-striking cerebral dramas" along with "mind-bending romantic comedies." I don't even know what those categories mean. But I think it makes me sound really pretentious.
Back to molecules.

March 7, 2010

books, work, etc

I should be programming now. But I'm watching the Oscars. Which is rather inexplicable. But there's Neil Patrick Harris doing a song and dance number wearing a sequined suit jacket, so that's totally worth it. Also, if Avatar wins best picture, I will be very cranky. Because that was neocolonial nonsense. Along with about a hundred other awful things that I will not enumerate (out of sheer mercy).
Programming is still making me crazy. But I shall beat Matlab. Woman shall triumph over machine.
I've finally finished The Dangerous World of Butterflies. And it was wonderful. Far more so than I expected.

Back to pretending to work.