June 30, 2009

At Woods Hole MBL. Pictures to follow soon, as will tales of Boston adventure.


June 11, 2009

Thursday in the laboratory

My shiny new drill came! That's a good day right there. I've also discovered just how useful DigiMorph is. I'd heard about it but never used it until today. Also, reading circulation diagrams is harder than I expected.


June 1, 2009

weekend in the district

Oh xkcd, I do love you. And I miss Square One.
One of my favorite relatives came through DC this weekend. Good times had by all. Except for when the motorized pump on the air mattress didn't work. We went to the American History museum. I hadn't been since I've moved here (always distracted by Art, Natural History, and Air and Space). It was pretty interesting. They remodeled recently, so it looked really nice. It wasn't too crowded, except for the huuuuge line outside the First Ladies dresses exhibit.
Anyway, I had to abandon said relative to go to the lab. On my way to meet relative and other relative for dinner, I went to the National Portrait Gallery. I got to the restaurant about30 minutes early, so I walked the 2 blocks to the Portrait Gallery. For just about 20 minutes. And it was awesome. And free. There was a folk art exhibit where I spent most of my time. I think I can get used to going to the Smithsonian in between appointments.