August 26, 2010

fashion (please don't laugh yet)

Here's my confession of the day: I really love Project Runway. It is the only reality show that I like. Although, I'm always afraid that someone will turn on my tv later and see that the last channel I was watching was lifetime. Seriously, though, it's really interesting to watch the creative process and craftsmanship. Some of the things made are beautiful, some are bizarre, and some walk the line between the two. Although there's some element of "destructive" reality tv (people portrayed as less than wonderful, disaster clothes), it's generally a "constructive" show (look at the amazing things these people can do).
The best part is seeing the construction. Thus far, my favorite is a dress made out of folded napkins. Even with more traditional materials, the process is fascinating.
And now for the part where I feel conflicted. It's about stuff, about appearances, about living up to some social standard, and a dose of product placement. There's an element of what certain people say is "fashionable" is absolutely true. But this conflicts with what is said about being true to your own aesthetic.
So I like the idea, design, creativity, making things, lots of viewpoints. But the undertones of consumerism and conventional standards of female beauty really bother me. I will keep watching and likely keep being slightly irritated.