June 27, 2012

Travels never blogged: Part 3: Rome, Italy

I did most of Rome by myself. I was with my friends for one afternoon and evening then the following day and morning by myself. It was wonderful. Except for the part where my camera died in the Vatican. Alas. Did I buy a disposable camera? Yes I did.

We will start with the token shot of the Coliseum.
Here's the some of the view from the ruins nearby:

The building with the sculpture on top is an museum I didn't have time for
And the actual ruins:
Mosaic floor.
This may have been part of the Forum. Darn ambiguous signage.

Trajan's Column:

And here's some from the Vatican before camera battery death

Top of St. Peter's from the courtyard with neat sculpture thing:

Sometimes even the Pope just wants the kids to stay off his lawn:

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