March 7, 2010

books, work, etc

I should be programming now. But I'm watching the Oscars. Which is rather inexplicable. But there's Neil Patrick Harris doing a song and dance number wearing a sequined suit jacket, so that's totally worth it. Also, if Avatar wins best picture, I will be very cranky. Because that was neocolonial nonsense. Along with about a hundred other awful things that I will not enumerate (out of sheer mercy).
Programming is still making me crazy. But I shall beat Matlab. Woman shall triumph over machine.
I've finally finished The Dangerous World of Butterflies. And it was wonderful. Far more so than I expected.

Back to pretending to work.


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Rachel Shadoan said...

Matlab is the bane of my existence. I'm pretty sure that the one at the OU uses the super computer late at night to run processes to figure out how to make me cry in new and frustrating ways.