April 30, 2009


It appears that lot of ideas/ideals/values that I hold come into conflict more often than I wish they would. Example: I both value free speech and abhor exploitation of people. So when it comes to, say, pornography, what do I do? Less seriously: I believe that there is great value in a broad base of education, possibly to the point of the classical liberal arts education. But when I had to take those classes, it was rather annoying. Important, but annoying.
Gosh, it's hard for those of us who aren't ideologues.


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Shadoan said...

You have a BLOG! and I didn't KNOW! now I KNOW!

Liberal arts classes are for sanity. And so that we don't forget how to talk to business and english majors. I spend all my time thinking about eigenvectors and other linear alchemy, and this just doesn't make good dinner conversation with people who don't also spend all their time thinking about spectral graph theory.

Oh. My. Sweet. Moses in a Basket. I miss you.