January 5, 2009

ooo. . . 1st 2009 post

Hey! New year! Neat! Too bad I'm possibly the most not-fun-on-New-Year's-Eve-person ever. Not that it bothers me.
I really should blog more.
I'm in OK until the 22nd. (hint) Glad too be here. It's pleasant. I'll be glad to get back to lab and work and class, though. Until then, I'm pretty content to read and knit and talk to the dog and ride the horse and see the people that I've missed so much.
I've been thinking about this:
(Awesomeness courtesy of Indexed)




Sam said...

I was on duty for New Years so I sat in here in my room and doodled. :)

bammers said...

I fell asleep at 10 on New Years Eve.

But, I will be in Norman on Friday. We should hang out next week!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a new blog...I hope you likey!