November 10, 2008

post-election commentary and some other stuff

How 'bout that election?! I can't say that I'm surprised. My reaction is not what I expected. I'm cautiously optimistic. That said, I'm really annoyed with people on both sides who are reacting so strongly to the results. The universe will not come to an end. Neither will the universe suddenly be full of fields of daisies and puppy dogs. I do worry that all the people who are so excited will end up disappointed and then be forever disillusioned and cynical, dropping out of the political process forever. It's been said that slavery is this country's original sin (OK, it was on a TV show, but I think it rings true. High-five for naming the show). I hope that in some small way we as a people are beginning to atone for centuries of oppression, racism, hatred, violence. 
Other exciting news, apparently our pipes are leaking such that the water is coming out of our downstairs neighbor's vent. Rock. It should be getting fixed today. 
I started physical therapy for my leg last week. I had no idea that PT could hurt this much. What a terrible idea. Yeah, I know, it has to hurt for it to heal. And I don't care. I would like magical instant pain-free-ness. The appointments are at 6:30am, so it forces me to get up earlier than usual. And I enjoy that. I wish I had enough discipline to do this all the time.
Lab stuff is going nicely. I'm still waiting for IACUC approval. *sigh* So I've been working on some smaller projects, mostly anatomy. Not terribly exciting but very necessary. The tissue processing technique that I'm using is from the late 1800s. Adventures in Victorian Biology--that's my new memoir title. And I'm going back to doing that now since my timer is about to go off.



rotsaP loeJ said...

You mean, I suppose, that slavery was the original sin after the illegal rebellion to his Majesty King George the Wacky?

samann1121 said...

Word, Joel.

Since it's you, Katie, and I don't actually know, I'm going to guess The West Wing.

Are you sure that your paper work didn't fall through some crack in the floor of the ICUSOCORIWHGKODW office?

bammers said...

I hate PT too. I mean, I love that it is making me better and the people are nice. But, man, does it hurt!!

Emily said...

Yeah, since it's you, I'm going to go with the West Wing...since I've seen every episode of the office and I don't recall that being in there, nor would be in Planet Earth.


p.s. I miss scrabulous

Emily said...

Also, this word verification is "diner". Lame