May 22, 2012

I have apparently gone basically an entire year without posting anything. I know this disappoints all 3 of you who read this. As I am stuck at home waiting for a repair person to set up and the only work I can do is read articles, I'm going to do this instead. And then get back to reading those articles, I promise.
What have I been doing instead of blogging you may ask. The answer (which is the answer to most questions that people ask me) is "science." Science, in my case, mostly comes down to 1 experiment day followed by about a week of waiting for the results. Obviously, while waiting I read, analyze, and write. And get distracted by things like entire NOVA episodes about cuttlefish camouflage.
Now that I've advanced to candidacy (I would say ABD, but I feel like having all these papers to get out negates that), it really is more like a regular job. I don't have to come home and study. I often read a paper or do some writing at home, but I don't have classwork hanging over my head all the time.
So, obviously, I've taken up some hobbies. There may be posts about this in the future if I ever think about photographing the process like Jessie. The main ones are roasting my own coffee. I'm doing more large knitting projects, mostly baby blankets for what seems like 1/3 of my female friends. In this case, large doesn't mean complicated. I am trying more complicated things, mostly perfecting mittens. I've tried some cheese making and yarn dying. And, while I've always loved reading, I'm doing a lot more of it for fun since I'm not so sick of all printed words from class and qualifying exams.

Here's to updating and documenting.


Jenny said...

Good to hear from you! See, Google Reader makes it possible for you to not lose readers even after not posting for so long! Congrats on no more classwork. :-)

Jessie said...

What Jenny said.

And I would love to see posts with photos about your hobbies! Doooo it! (Although of course I am aware of the tendency to get so caught up in actually doing the hobby that you forget to take photos.)

Becky Myers said...

Missed hearing from you. I like you lots.