October 8, 2010

tales from the grading crypt

First round of exams to grade and I get this gem:
Q: In what situation would you use MEG instead of fMRI?
A: When the patient has a metal plate in their head because fMRI could make the plate heat up and cause injury, like on House last night.
Me: *facepalm* "Don't EVER cite TV again." minus all possible points.
It is going to be a long weekend.


Norman said...

Wait, is that the correct answer pre-comma?

Katie said...

It's almost true. fMRI does have a stronger magnetic field, but not by much.

Emily said...

But, Katie, isn't this what makes grading interesting?

You should tell them to cite something better next time. House is too cliche, to obvious. However, drawing on principles learned from the Discovery Channel, or perhaps, or even more impressively their own life experience (I'd love to hear that story) would be very interesting.