May 21, 2009


Yours truly has finished PhD year 1. I've been compulsively checking my grades since I found out this morning that 2 of my 3 classes are up. One more. And it's really annoying, in spite of not being worried about the grade.
Finally ran an experiment. After doing about 8 months of preparation, there were still unforeseen "complications." I'm going to call it a wet run. Better luck next time, now that everything's in place. I still may have gotten some usable or semi-usable results. I'll know some time next week
And I get to learn to use the shiny confocal microscope.


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Sam said...

Yay experiment! And congratulations on year 1!
I'm pretty much resigned to the first time I do the experiment "for real" being just a test of the procedure to make sure it works. Something usually happens to complicate matters...