February 1, 2009

thoughts, random

It is really terrifying going to the grocery store on super bowl Sunday. Especially when you realize, only once you get in the store, that it's super bowl Sunday. Even though you were going to get food for a super bowl party. 25 minutes in line, mostly because people do not understand that self-checkout is only a good idea if you have (a) few items and (b) the ability to use the kiosk. You should file this away.
I have been given a task. It is to find the most ridiculous Obama paraphernalia in the District and photograph it. So here is the long-awaited ITEM 1:
Yeah. Awesome. I came so close to buying them, but they did not look very tasty. Actually, they looked rather gross.
1st week of class was good. Due to snow/ice, I missed my Tuesday afternoon class and the Wednesday meeting of my MW class. Class updated coming after they have all been attended.
Also, it is really irritating that I can't see more than my homepage on the facebook. How will I know anything about my friends' lives now?


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Norman said...

On first glance, I thought those cookies were buttons. So I can understand not wanting to eat them.