October 16, 2008


I'm taking my 1st and only midterm right now. It's take-home. And lame-tastic. 9 essay questions. About a day and a half to write. I'm bored. Or can't think anymore. 
Post-vehicular assault, I'm feeling better. My hip hurts and I'm still mentally foggy at times. Considering that I got hit by a car, that's pretty good.
Earlier this week I was really missing Oklahoma. I finally got a glimpse of the sunset. Glimpse being a bit of an overstatement. Roommate, roommate's mom, and I went to an orchard to pick apples. It was sweet. We were way the heck out of DC. It was so beautiful and peaceful. You could see really far because it was up on a hill. Good times. But sadly, no pictures. 
I'm still waiting to do anything in the lab other than finishing up the Golgi stained stuff. IACUC has to approve my protocol. I should hear back in a couple weeks if it's been approved or modified or what. Until then, I have 2 notebooks, a file of articles, and other sundry items to go through. 
Aside: All the TAs for the lab I teach spend 3 hours in the section they're in charge of and 1 hour in another TA's section. When I was in my extra hour, one of the students in there informed me that, "Of course your class finished. You're the good TA." That made me feel super-special.
Back to experimental design.



schupack said...

you're linking to my blog? you think I'm awesome? aw, thanks! You're awesome too, and I am reading the blog posts. Keep them up. Glad you're okay and not dead after the wreck. That'll be a story for the kids one day - when Mommy went flying.

schupack said...

I mean great, not awesome. Speaking of awesome, have you ever been to everythingsawesome.blogspot.com ? prepare to be overwhelmed.

Sam said...

Compliments on your teaching are always great. :)