June 26, 2008

housing hunting

Next on agenda for the move: somewhere to live.
Therefore, the great housing quest begins Friday. This could be interesting. Living expenses are ridiculously high compared to the OK. There's some less expensive (and more rural) places east and north a bit. But that would require about a 30 minute commute.
Thoughts on commuting?
I'm only writing this because I'm waiting for Guns, Germs, and Steel to finish importing so I can listen to it on the trip. I figure driving around, not knowing where I am will be a recipe for longer-than-anticipated drive times. So, some education is in order.
Watched Be Kind Rewind tonight. It was pretty great. You should look at various "sweded" movies on the interweb. And I went bowling with Norman and Jessie. And I didn't completely fail at the bowling endeavor. There were even a couple of strikes and spares in there.
It's time to remove the laundry from my bed so I can go to sleep now.



Sam said...

Good luck on your housing quest :)

As for commuting, you could play with numbers to see if savings on rent would be negated by increased gas expenses.

Norman said...

Bowling and Jack Black - fun times. We need to hang out again before you get too familiar with Maryland.