May 24, 2008

shiny new blog, shiny new degree

I've had my old blog since I started college. The time has come to retire it. 
So here we go: THE GRAD SCHOOL BLOG.
The functions will be to document life in a doctoral program and let people in Oklahoma know what's going on in my life more often than the en masse e-mail updates that I'll be sending out. 



Emily said...

So...I had never noticed that the adventure box appears to be full of ARTICLES. Seriously?


P.S. The internet anagram server informed me that there are no anagrams for "hukyoryk". Very strange.

Jessie said...

You had BETTER keep us updated.

Here I go, threatening you on your birthday. The wee hours, but still your birthday. What AM I thinking?

...anyway, have a good day.

Sam said...

You are bookmarked :)